Jean Leader

Lacemaker and Textile Enthusiast

The Competition

THE competition, open to all, is to identify the individuals shown in the pictures in the Advent Calendar for the days indicated below. (So you will have to wait until December 23rd to send in your entry). This may seem a little tricky at first, but you are given a set of options to select from, and all the images were ‘found’ on the internet.

2nd Dec
5th Dec
8th Dec
11th Dec
15th Dec
17th Dec
19th Dec
23rd Dec

The button we once had for submitting answers from list selections has fallen off the page, so now you will have to copy them into an e-mail:

  • You may find it easiest to first select your answers from the drop-down lists so you can see them while you e-mail.
  • When you are ready, click on the ‘Submit Answers’ button, below. This will open your e-mailer, if your web browser is set up appropriately, with a prepared answer form.
  • Enter your answers opposite the dates on the e-mail: 2nd Dec: Anne Boleyn, etc.
  • Include your name — we’ll be able to work out your e-mail address to notify you if you win.
  • (If your web browser is not set up for your e-mailer, fill in the answers by hand on your e-mailer and send to:

There will be a prize of a special bobbin for the first correct entry drawn after the closing date, 31st December, 2023. The closing date for the competition is now past. The answers and the name of the winner can be found on the Answer Page.

Entrants’ e-mail addresses will not be given to any third party, nor will they be retained by us or used in any other way than to notify the winner. Entrants will receive no unsolicited e-mail.