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‘Lace’ is an iPhone App which provides a quick reference to individual styles of lace such as Alençon, Bedfordshire, or Chantilly. For each of over 70 styles there is a short explanation of its distinguishing features, with an illustration and enlarged detail of the lace. A map link allows one to find the geographic location of the region of origin. A separate section provides information on over 20 different lace grounds, and there is also a brief description of different types of lace (bobbin, needle, crochet etc.).

The app is available from the app store, where screenshots and a short video illustrates its use. It is compatible with the latest version of iOS (iOS 17 at the time of writing). The app is ad-free and no user data is collected. It is currently (2024) priced at £2.99 / US$2.99.

We also produced a version entitled Lace for iPad. However iOS10, released in late 2016, caused it to crash on launch, although the iPhone version was not affected. It is possible to run the iPhone version of the app on the iPad under current versions of the iOS, although this does not take advantage of the full screen area.

For regulatory reasons the Lace App is no longer available in the EU . There is no version for Android.


To purchase on your iPhone, tap the ‘App Store’ App and search for ‘lace’ or ‘lace app’. Look for an App with the icon of the lace bonnet shown here. If your search does not find it (as can happen in some countries), search for the developer, ‘David Leader’, instead. If that also fails, here are some direct links for the App Stores in: Britain, Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and USA.