In this section you will find articles of a more technical nature — how to do things, helpful hints and so on. There are some topics that puzzle lacemakers which seem to come up over and over again and I’m hoping to cover all of these eventually. When I started lacemaking back in the early 1980s I was dependent on books, magazines and personal contacts for information but with the advent of the internet everyting has changed. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it now is to communicate with lacemakers all over the world. And along with the internet the other revolution has been in cameras — no more waiting for films to be developed but instant pictures which you can send anywhere by email. And not just still pictures — digital cameras take videos too and this is something I will be making use of in this section.

The first new article is about how I work leaf-shaped tallies and because this isn’t easy to explain with just words and diagrams, a link to a video is included so you can watch me making a tally. My way of making tallies works for me but there are other ways of working them and I hope to add something about these eventually.

The most recent article provides some hints for working floral Bucks Point lace which I hope will be helpful for lacemakers, whether they are novices or already have some experience in making this delicate lace.