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My name is Jean Leader and I live in Glasgow, Scotland, but through my lacemaking I have friends all over the world. I design, make, teach and write about lace, and have served as chairman of The Lace Guild and as president of the International Organization of Lace (I.O.L.I.). I have been running this personal website for over fifteen years, and also maintain Lace Types, which is devoted solely to describing different types of lace. You can explore my site from the section headings above, or choose a topic of interest using the ‘Quick Selection’ pop-up menu, below.

New and Noteworthy

New Video released: Introductory Bucks Point Lace
I am happy to announce that the editing of the video I made in California last summer with John and Kathy Hensel has now been completed and the video has been released for sale. Click on the image for details.

Also new is that I have a limited number of copies of this and my other Hensel videos available for sale in the UK at reduced prices. These are Beginners’ Bucks Point, Color in Beds, More Color in Beds, and Color in Torchon — all £30; Intermediate Bucks Point — £42.